If you care what’s in your food California – Please sign!

Sign the petition

(that’s genetically modified organisms)

Please log on and sign before April 22, 2012!

This is for all those in California who care what is in their food.   If enough signatures can be collected, there will be a measure on the ballot in November 2012 that will require genetically engineered foods to add a label.  That’s it!  All this law is asking is that consumers are informed about the foods they are eating.

Approximately 800,000 signatures are needed by April 22, 2012.  So, if you haven’t already signed the petition go to www.labelgmos.org to learn about the campaign or volunteer.





  1. Sorry for anyone who went to this page expecting to be able to sign a petition. Signatures have to be collected in person.

    This weekend is the last weekend for signature collection — I am betting that if you head to any Earth Day event, there will be petitions to sign.

  2. Just an update. Proposition 37 will be on the ballot this November.

    Be sure to VOTE YES PROP 37!!

    All it is requesting is that food companies label their food sources. A number of food companies are throwing millions behind the no campaign, don’t let big money win on this one. What you ingest is too important!

  3. As most everyone knows, Prop 37 lost in the election in November. Well, I’m still voting with my pocketbook. While we shop we refer to the link and avoid products listed, who contributed to the NO on Prop 37 campaign:


    It provides a list of the companies and the amounts they provided to prohibiting simple labeling of the foods we consume in California. Thanks selfish corporate sponsors! I plan to be selfish too and put my money elsewhere.

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