Thanks Alameda County!

…for joining others in banning plastic bags!

Happy New Year!

On January 1, 2013, the county that I live in, Alameda County, will ban plastic bags and will require a minimum 10-cent charge on paper and reusable bags.  The cost could go up to a minimum of 25-cents in 2015 if it’s felt that the 10-cent charge isn’t deterring consumers.

The ban excludes restaurants, take-out food, retail stores not selling packaged food, or charitable thrift stores.  Maybe future regulations will include these or maybe you and I can just start to incorporate reusable bags into all our daily purchases.  This is a small way to live consciously, that if everyone did could make a big difference.

Admittedly, sometimes I forget my reusable bags even though we have a stack at our door.  If in a pinch you forgot your bag and you happen to have a t-shirt and scissors available, I came across an easy make grocery store bag project that you can do with your kids.  When our current supply of re-usable bags wears out, we’ll be making these!

Re-usable t-shirt grocery bag

From Craft’s Ideas for Kids

Here’s to a more conscious 2013 and may other counties follow in the growing list of counties prohibiting plastic bags!


  1. Went shopping for the first time yesterday since the new year. Watching everyone carry in their own bags made me smile. Then I thought about all the other stores throughout the county where people were doing the same. Admittedly, I felt a sense of pride in Alameda county for creating the opportunity for everyone to make a small difference, that will add up to a big one, over time.

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